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Ascentsia Law Corporation was incorporated under the provisions of the Legal Profession Act on 29 May 2002 and officially commenced practice on 21 June 2002.

The word "Ascentsia" is made up of two words, "Ascent" and "Asia", representing its mission of providing proactive and quality legal services to its clients in Singapore and the Asian region.

Ascentsia Law Corporation benefits from its directors’ vast experiences and background. It represents a varied clientele ranging from individuals, SMEs, listed companies, health care institutions, stock broking and major financial institutions.

Mr. Kenny Khoo

Graduated from National University of Singapore in 1994 and admitted to the Singapore Bar in 1995.

Advises on investments, joint-ventures, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, corporate governance, commercial transactions and wealth and estate planning.

Engages in civil litigation involving commercial, construction, defamation, banking and finance, corporate and employment disputes.

DID no.: 6327 5779

Mr. Leong Why Kong

Graduated from University of London and is admitted to the UK Bar, and subsequently to practice in Singapore Bar in 1996.

Advises on real estate, financing and matrimonial law.

DID no.: 6327 5778

Mr. Yip Shee Yin

Graduated from University of Durham and admitted to the UK Bar, and subsequently to practice in Singapore in 1998.

Engages in banking, securities and insolvency litigation, matrimonial and family disputes and motor insurance and personal injuries claim.

DID no.: 6327 5777

Mr. Thomas Au
(Legal Consultant)

Graduated from the University of London and obtained post-graduate certificate in laws (P.C.LL) from the University of Hong Kong in 1982 and 1983 respectively, and admitted to the Supreme Court of Hong Kong in 1985, and subsequently to practice in Singapore in 1990.

Warmly welcomed to Ascentsia Law Corporation as an Legal Consultant in January 2009, Thomas advises on conveyancing and off-shore corporate structuring.

DID no.: 6327 5768

Mr. Nicholas Ong

Graduated from National University of Singapore, 2013.

Associate (in-charge of Civil and Commercial Litigation)

DID no.: 6327 5794

Ms. Clarisse Khoo

Graduated from University of Exeter , 2011.

Associate (in-charge of Family, Tort & Commercial Litigation)

DID no.: 6327 5796

Mr. Jonathan Low

Graduated from National University of Singapore , 2014.

Associate (In-charge of Civil, Commercial and Criminal Litigation)

DID no.: 6327 5767

Ms. Ong Li Ling

Graduated from Singapore Management University , 2014.

Associate (In-charge of Conveyancing)

DID no.: 6327 5791